What Clients Say

I came to Rony in a time of significant unexpected changes, in which all the crazy routine of work - family was shaken, and found myself paralyzed and unable to do anything, resulting in anxiety and frustration.

Rony helped me look at my thoughts critically, identify my needs, and gently and sensitively guided me and gave me practical tools to improve the situation, checking each time what was appropriate and what was not, how it improved my overall feeling and came up with new ideas and points of view I did not think of. 


The conversations with her were sensitive, inclusive and focused, and gave me a sense of security that led me to discover what is the right thing for me, with patience, trial and error and by understanding why things do not work when they did not work. 


I feel that anyone who is at a crossroads, before a big change or feeling stuck can gain a lot of tools and support and a significant improvement in feeling and day-to-day functioning. The tools I received from Rony I still use today.

I felt comfortable with Rony and that helped me to open up about my emotions. Rony gave me a sense of calmness, patience and listened well throughout our sessions.

I have been able to free myself up more and more in every session, and going deeper into unlocking my emotions that I never wanted to unlock, this slowly helped me to start recognizing and understanding myself better. 

Rony helped me with having more clarity in my past and how to move forward in dealing with conflict, taking control of different moments in life and staying true to myself. 


I have reconnected to my life philosophy both at work and personally which will help me be consistent in living my life in line with my life values.


I was not sure what to expect. I found you asked the right questions and applied pressure in the right places at the right time which helped pull out more things.  I found it very easy to talk to you making it easier to get some insights.  There were a few times I was surprised by your insight in to how I was feeling and responding to our discussions, which gave me lots of confidence I was in good hands and could make progress.


I feel I have moved forward.  I have a much deeper and specific understanding of some of the areas I need to work and focus on. You have provided me with a few useful tips or tools which have definitely helped me get more perspective and will help me to make more improvements to myself and way of being.


We got closer to the problem and I feel the journey to the me I want to be has already begun, there is a long way to go but I am on the journey now and no longer stagnated or just standing still not knowing which way to turn.


The therapy sessions were a very comfortable experience. I felt that a lot of different areas were explored to get to the route of the problem. I felt very at ease talking to Rony. The improvement already started after a couple of sessions. Not only were the conversations nice, I was given homework which really helped in real life situations. These tips/tricks are very helpful and I will keep using them whenever necessary. 


Looking at where I came from and where I am now is a very big difference. Thank you so much!