Psychologist Session

 Individual Therapy

Face to Face or Online

Therapy that is tailored to you and takes into account your unique needs

In therapy we'll focus on self reflection, acceptance and change.

We'll recognize unhelpful thought patterns that could be holding you back or causing you feelings of depression, anxiety, stress or fear.

We'll identify your life values and take steps towards helping you design

a meaningful life that is aligned with your values.

By focusing on these areas you will start to experience a change in how you feel and behave.


By changing your how you view the world you will experience a significant relief of your symptoms and affect. As a result, you will feel and function better. 

Together we define goals for your treatment, working towards getting you back on your feet, helping you feel better and ready to finish treatment feeling strong, empowered, connected and able to deal with any new challenges going forward.

In the course of treatment you’ll learn more about yourself and your thoughts. We will discuss your reactions to different situations and what is behind these reactions.

Together we'll work on skills you can use in your day to day life to achieve your goals. Ultimately, you will gain the insight and skills you need to live the life you want to live and have the quality of connection in your relationships that you want to have.