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An Integrated Package to Create Healthy Eating Habits

Introducing a one-of-a-kind package especially created for you to develop new eating habits.

Need a real and lasting change to your diet?

Tired of struggling to change the way you eat?

This package is for you if:

- Changing your eating habits is challenging but important for you.

- You care about your health and wellbeing and want a lasting change.

- You would like a highly individualized approach that is all about you and takes into account your characteristcs, unique set of challenges, your specific background and lifestyle, your wishes and needs.

- You want results.

With a combined ... years of experience, we know that healthy eating is not just about knowing that kale is healthier than fries. It's not just about buying another healthy recipe book. It's definitely not just about counting calories. That's why we joined forces to create Nutri-Psyche.

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Info about Galit.

Healthy eating is about the body as well as the mind. Our mind chooses how we nourish our bodies.  

Package details:

10 sessions: 7 With a holistic nutritionist and 3 with a psychologist. Support for a year after completion of the program.

Step 1: Get to know you in depth, set specific goals and create your unique program: Nutritional and psychological assessment and tailored program creation --> 1 session with Galit, 1 session with Rony

Step 2: Intensive support to get you there: Nutritional and psychological counseling --> 5 sessions with Galit, 1 session with Rony

Step 3: Relapse prevention program: Plan how you will sustain the changes and avoid relapse to old habits --> 1 session with Galit, 1 session with Rony

Step 4: Follow up on your terms: You have 3 moments in the year following the program completion in which you can contact us for additional support. Reach out to talk to one of us when you feel you need the extra push for a 30 minute consultation.

What is included in package:

- 7 sessions (45 minutes each) with nutritionist --> normal price 385

- 3 sessions (45 minutes each) with psychologist --> normal price 285

- Individual plan including personalized goals, psychological assessment of difficulty areas and nutritional advise --> valued at 95

- Uniquely curated recipes based on your lifestyle, taste, wishes and needs --> valued at 55

- Tailored relapse prevention plan --> valued at 95

- 3 follow up moments (30 minutes each) to be used in the following year --> valued at up to 140

- Mailing list with curated content to keep you motivated and keep you informed 

- Optional additional follow up moments at a special rate only for Nutri-Psyche program participants

Total package value: 1055

Package price: 850 (This is up to you.. so this number is just an example)

Package price: In my opinion, if we include all the above elements we need to charge more than the number of sessions because we'll spend more than the session time for each client. 

The amount I would like to be paid, depends on which things from the above list would be my tasks.. The I can estimate the number of hours needed.