Committed to Your Wellbeing

Helping You Move from Surviving to Thriving

Looking for a real change in your mood, emotions, career or relationship?

Whatever your goal, 

no matter the difficulty,

together we'll get there.

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My commitment:

to help you navigate obstacles and get unstuck from unhelpful thoughts, patterns and interactions

Ultimately, the aim is to alleviate your burden, improve negative emotions, optimize your functioning, and get to a real change in your relationships and life.

My approach is on the one hand warm, gentle and accepting and on the other hand targeted and no-nonsense.


How does therapy

with me look like?

We'll start therapy by taking plenty of time to understand your needs, wishes and expectations. We'll define goals for your treatment and start working toward achieving your goals. During the course of therapy, we'll develop a close and collaborative relationship. You will take an active stance in your own treatment and gain skills that will be able to use and apply immediately. Therapy will become the place that is just about you, in which I will guide you without judgement and with empathy and dedication. 


On a personal note

My personal experience enhances the care I provide as a therapist. Growing up as part of an expat family, I have lived in numerous countries. In different life stages, I have experienced plenty of changes. I have moved cities and countries more times than I can count, as a child, teenager, adult and parent. I have years of professional experience in corporate and clinical environments as well as academia.


Since I grew up a with people of different cultures and backgrounds, meeting people from different countries is second nature to me. I love meeting people and keep a non-judgemental and open mind about others. I am married and live in Amstelveen with my husband and two young children. 

It is important for me to combine the latest scientific evidence in my clinical practice. I regularly take trainings and courses at professional and academic institutions to maintain the quality high and stay up to date.

I treat speakers of English, Dutch, Hebrew, Spanish

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Education and Training

  • Postdcotoral position in Clinical Child and Family Studies - VU University Amsterdam

  • PhD in Health Behavior Change and Health Promotion - VU University Medical Center Amsterdam

  • MSc in Social and Organizational Psychology - Leiden University

  • Supplementary MSc courses in Clinical Psychology - Open University Amsterdam

Additional certificate trainings (completed and ongoing):

  • Schema Therapy - Schema Therapie Opleidingen

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - the Beck Institute

  • Emotionally Focused Therapy - Rino Amsterdam

  • Emotionally Focused Family Therapy - EFT Nederland

  • Integrative Behavioral Couples Therapy - Psyned

Professional associations


Registered as Psycholoog NIP

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Psychologist in the

Psyned Select program



(associate therapist) at Team Psychologen op Zuid

Therapy Session
Individual therapy

My approach to individual therapy

I take a cognitive behavioral approach to treatment and integrate a variety of techniques, tailoring the apporach to the your needs.

Couple Staying Home
Relationship therapy

My approach to couples' therapy

I use Emotionally Focused Therapy and intergrate with elements from 

Integrative Behavioral Couples' Therapy, depending on the couple's needs.